Sports provide a valuable platform for expression, creativity and self-development for children of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Using sports, specifically surfing, as a tool for youth development fosters an environment in which  young people are able to have fun and engage positively with one another.

Surf Haiti 2020 Olympic Logo

Our mission is to help establish Haiti as a surf tourism destination.

Surf Haiti is a Haitian organization founded in 2011 on Haiti’s southern coast. We give young Haitians the opportunity to get in the water and surf as we work to establish Haiti as a surf tourism destination.

Surf Haiti teaches local kids how to swim and surf, provides lessons for visitors, rents boards and organizes beach clean-ups. 

Surfing gives members the chance to engage positively with one another and have fun, while simultaneously strengthening ties in their communities.

Surf Haiti, with the participation of the local population, is developing a “surf culture” in the region of Cayes-Jacmel. Tourists are drawn to the local beaches because of varied surf breaks and uncrowded waves.

Tapping into the surf industry creates an opportunity for economic development in the community and provides a much needed income stream for the program participants.

Surf Haiti also emphasizes sustainable management of the ocean and coastline.

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