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Surf Haïti presents:
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Results of The First Annual Surf Haïti Contest

April 29-30, 2016
Jacmel, Haïti

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Official results of the First Surf Competition in Haiti (30th and 1st of May 2016):
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Under 14 years : 1. Michael Jules 2. Emidres Lafond 3. Marc Luther Jean
14-18 Years: 1. Samuel Jules 2. Samson Jules 3. Frantz Pascal
18-24 Years: 1. Eduardo Santana (DR) 2. Marco Payen 3. Peter Gabriel
Open Men: 1. Eduardo Santana (DR); 2. Roberto Martinez (DR); 3. Samuel Jules
Open Women: 1. Caroline Ledos 2. Ginou Jules 3. Francesca Jules

Thanks to all of you for your support….

Next surf competition in Cabarete (DR) for our Surf Haiti national team…..more info coming soon!

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Surf Haiti Festival 2017
Surf Haiti Festival 2017