friends & donors

Heartfelt thanks to our following friends:

Dr. Ken Pierce and Alan Potter: for creating the Surf Haiti association and supporting the kids since the beginning. Thanks for always giving us a hand in our activities.

Kory Burnett: for believing in us, in the kids and thanks for all the energy you put into Christmas 2015 activities. We will always be thankful and are looking forward for the adventure to continue in 2016.

Tamy and Jerry Jervis: for your stay with us in July 2015. It was really a perfect moment of sharing and love. Thanks again for your gift to the association.

James Weber: for always supporting us in terms of material, gifts of surfboards and always being out there with us in the water and supporting the kids. We are missing you.

Emmanuel Pajot: for beginning to surf with us, purchasing your first board and practicing a lot with us. A surfer and a friend. Thanks for the gift of your surfboard. We are missing you.